Group Programs


In-house, customised, group programs can be delivered for your team with a focus on fine-tuning communication, thus enhancing the personal impact, presence and success they create with clients and colleagues.

Word of Mouth prides itself on developing bespoke programs that target specific client outcomes during program development and evaluation.

These range from two-hour to two-day tailor-made workshops.


A detailed evaluation is the fundamental first step for all group programs. By discussing with you and collecting feedback from your team on areas of communication that need improvement, Lana develops a comprehensive group program with set subject areas for particular focus.

Subject areas include:

  1. Confident and effective verbal & non-verbal communication skills
  2. Crystal-clear pronunciation and expression
  3. Powerful presentation skills
  4. Voice care, technique & projection

Training Materials

A pre-workshop questionnaire is used to gather important information about areas of focus for the workshop.

A workbook and training material written by Lana McCarthy will be given to all participants.

A post-workshop evaluation form will be given out and collected so you can assess the value of the workshop for your staff members.

A combination of in-house facilitation and coaching options can also be combined for your team to allow continued focus on specific communication areas for all or certain individuals.

Word of Mouth is committed to working with clients to enhance their communication potential. Why not contact us now to see how we can assist you or one of your valuable staff members?

Take the first step towards achieving your communication goals.