Having the ability to communicate effectively can change your life.

If you are an executive, an HR manager looking for a solution for your people or perhaps an individual who needs to communicate more effectively and confidently in all facets of your life then talk to Word of Mouth.  We can help you to:

Neutralise your local or foreign accent and improve your English pronunciation for speaking and/or singing.

Learn how to speak clearly through correction and/or polish of your pronunciation.

Slow down fast speech to allow clear and confident expression of your ideas.

Manage voice problems effectively for speaking and/or singing, for example, tension, fatigue, hoarseness, nasality, vocal nodules.

Improve your overall vocal technique, project your voice safely, speak with authority and confidence.

Add colour and variety to your verbal and non-verbal communication style.

Express your thoughts logically, clearly and concisely.

Refine your grammar in both speaking and writing.

Fine-tune presentation skills with a focus on your planning and/or delivery.

Vary your communication style so you can become more assertive, persuasive, engaging and motivating.

Create personal presence which will build your confidence and ability to lead.

Control stuttering and speak more fluently and confidently.

Polish interview skills to demonstrate confidence and a great first impression.

Improve speech and voice for people with hearing impairments including cochlear implants

Enhance social skills to connect with people around you.

Create impact and influence face-to-face, on the phone and via videoconferencing.

Eliminate chronic cough and throat clearing

Take the first step towards achieving your communication goals.