Keep your voice healthy

April 15, 2015

Have you ever lost or injured your voice after shouting and screaming at a concert, a noisy restaurant or bar?  Have people commented that your voice isn’t sounding its best?  Have you ever given your voice and the important role it plays in your life a second thought or do you take it for granted?  Well it’s about time your started to pay attention and take action!

Your voice is like a musical instrument that needs to be handled with care and maintained to ensure its long-term optimum performance – whatever your age.  Your voice is vital to maintain your livelihood, your relationships, your connections to society and your wellbeing.  Looking after your voice is paramount.

Here are 10 actions you need to take today, and every day, to keep your vocal instrument healthy and performing well:

  1. Let go of neck, shoulder or throat tension
  2. Speak gently with little effort, especially in the throat
  3. Keep your throat moist by sipping water frequently throughout the day to hydrate your whole body
  4. Swallow or sip water instead of clearing your throat or coughing
  5. Avoid prolonged periods of loud talking, screaming or shouting
  6. Turn down or move away from background noise
  7. Support your voice by using hand gestures over noise
  8. Don’t smoke, avoid other peoples’ smoke and avoid recreational drugs such as cocaine
  9. Rest your voice or limit your talking if you have a cold or sore throat
  10. If your voice feels tired, rest it!